Pergolas: 10 Commonly Asked Questions

It is common knowledge amongst homeowners that a pergola is the sort of investment that delivers a solid return and provides a lot of enjoyment as well as lifestyle benefits. 

If you choose your style and finish from a site like you are likely to end up with a beautiful addition to your home. Before you get to that point, it is highly likely that you will have some questions that you need answers to in order to arrive at the perfect pergola solution.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions from potential buyers. 

How long will my pergola take to install?

Once you have made your choice you obviously want to know when you might be able to start enjoying your new pergola. Installation times vary according to the type of pergola you order. 

A typical pergola will take about two days to install and is usually a two-man job.

Do I need to supply any additional materials?

Your chosen supplier will talk to you about every aspect of the purchase and installation. It is usually the case that they will provide everything needed and advise you if anything else is needed beforehand.

Is the price for supply and fitting?

Your pergola supplier will run through every cost and confirm a price that covers everything needed from start to finish. If you want a supply-only deal or a full installation service. Your quote will detail exactly what you are paying for and what you will be getting.

What sort of depth should the footing be?

If your preferred installation option is to have concrete posts the recommended depth is 36 inches deep and 10 inches wide.

Is it possible to install a pergola on a wooden deck?

The short answer to that question is yes. It would require bolt down brackets for the installation on a wood or Trex deck to be properly secure.

Is it possible to modify an existing design?

You can usually get a pergola that is made to custom measurements and design.

Talk to your supplier. They will be able to help you with a design solution that is perfect for the space you have available.

What privacy options can I add to my pergola?

You have a range of privacy options. These include curtains or sunshades, but there are lots of other choices too. Your supplier can advise you on what is available to help screen your pergola.

Is there an option to have a fan fitted?

It depends on which pergola design you choose. You can usually add a ceiling fan when the ceiling is not louvered. If you choose a louvered ceiling there will be other options to provide cool air.

Can I have a solid roof?

A custom pergola can be made to your requirements. That means you should be able to have a solid roof if you want one. This is not always possible with a traditional wooden pergola.

Are there color options?

You will most likely have a choice of color finish available, especially if you have a custom-made pergola.

These are some of the most common questions asked about pergolas. Talk to your supplier and they will answer any questions you have and help you make the perfect choice.