Never Skip Pre-Employment Background ChecksNever Skip Pre-Employment Background Checks

Hiring new employees is an important process for any organization; finding the right person for the job who can contribute to the success of the company is crucial. One way to ensure you hire the right person is to conduct pre-employment background checks. Background checks provide employers with the data they need to make informed hiring decisions.
Unfortunately, some employers skip this important step in the hiring process, believing it’s not necessary, too costly, or too time-consuming. Here’s why skipping the screen is never a good idea.

The Risks

When employers forego background screenings, they are taking on a significant risk. Without a background check, employers may unknowingly hire someone who has a criminal record that’s relevant to their eligibility for the position, has falsified their educational credentials, or has a history of workplace misconduct. Hiring someone who is not a good fit for the job leads to a range of problems, including lost productivity, workplace accidents, and legal issues. Skipping the screen can also cause compliance issues for employers in certain industries that have strict background screening mandates.

The High Cost of that Risk

The costs of these increased risks can be significant. Estimates are that a single bad hire can cost an organization as much as 30% of an employee’s first-year earnings. These costs include things like training, lost productivity, and the cost of rehiring and retraining a replacement. In addition, the costs of legal fees, fines, and penalties for hiring an unfit employee can be substantial, not to mention expenses associated with workplace theft or other crimes. It’s easy to see how a poor hiring decision can eat away at your bottom line quickly.

The Benefits of Background Checks

For the cost of one background check, all those risks and their associated costs can be prevented; almost nothing your organization does promises that kind of ROI. By conducting a thorough background check on each and every new hire, employers are able to identify individuals who may not be suitable for the job or who may pose a risk to the workplace, and then make informed hiring decisions that reduce the risk of a bad hire and protect the company from legal and financial liabilities.

Again, Never Skip the Check

Never skip pre-employment background checks; it’s never worth it. The cost of the increased risk is too high to take this important step in the hiring process lightly. Investing in pre-employment background checks is an investment in the success and longevity of your organization.