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Mick Jagger (born Michael Philip Jagger in Dartford, Kent England on July 26, 1943) has long been one of the most iconic figures in rock and roll. Since launching his musical career at just 13, Jagger quickly rose to global renown; within three years of joining The Rolling Stones at age 20, he had established himself as their charismatic frontman known for being their face.

How did Mick Jagger become famous?

Jagger first met Keith Richards while attending school together. Their shared love of rhythm and blues music brought about the formation of The Rolling Stones; by the 1960s they had outshone even The Beatles when it came to popularity and impact – often considered more rebellious counterparts to The Fab Four. This image often landed them in controversies, such as when New York hotels declined to give them rooms during their tours in the mid-’60s. Today, that reputation only adds to their allure, as hotels worldwide would now roll out the red carpet to host Jagger and his bandmates.

What is Mick Jagger’s net worth?

As of 2023, Mick Jagger boasts an impressive net worth of $550 million. This wealth isn’t just a testament to his musical abilities; it’s also a nod to his business acumen. Before Jagger took control, many music artists were often exploited by record labels and management. Jagger recognized the dangers inherent in the industry and took charge of managing The Rolling Stones himself, making sure both its artistic output as well as financial interests were protected.

Jagger’s assets include multimillion-dollar properties both in Europe and the USA. His properties in Los Angeles are valued at around $30 million, while his London assets carry a hefty $150 million price tag. This vast real estate portfolio makes him one of the most substantial land-owning musicians globally.

Why was Mick Jagger knighted?

In 2003, Mick Jagger received one of the highest honors: being knighted by Queen Elizabeth. This recognition not only recognized his musical contributions but also for their cultural impact over decades – as Sir Mick Jagger stands as an exemplar of how rock and roll, once considered counterculture movement has become part of global cultural fabric.

Did Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney plan to start a record label?

One of the lesser-known tales in rock history involves an unlikely partnership between two of its greatest icons: Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney from The Beatles. At some point during their bands’ heydays in the 1960s, they discussed starting a record label together – however this venture never materialised. McCartney was reportedly offered a more lucrative deal by major record labels to prevent the collaboration. While the world will never know what such a partnership could have yielded, the story remains a tantalizing ‘what if’ in rock lore.


Mick Jagger is an extraordinary testament to the transformative power of rock and roll music, having come from humble origins in Dartford to global stardom, leading a rebellious movement and ultimately being knighted by Queen Elizabeth. While this article touches upon key aspects of his life, it still does not fully capture Sir Mick’s enigma.