Mastering the Art of Flair Bartending: 11 Tips to Impress Your Customers


Flair bartending has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people looking for unique ways to impress their customers. It’s an art form that requires skill, creativity and practice. 

Whether you’re a professional bartender or just starting out, mastering the art of flair bartending is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey toward becoming a master of flair bartending! 

With these tips, you can start impressing your customers right away and build up your repertoire of moves over time. So grab your shaker and let’s get started!

What Is Flair Bartending?

Flair bartending is an art form of performing bartending tricks that involve skillful and creative manipulation of bottles, glasses, shakers and other bar tools. 

Flair bartenders use juggling, spinning, flipping and other techniques to entertain guests and create amazing visuals as they prepare drinks. 

Flair bartending requires a great deal of practice and skill, and it’s not something that can be learned overnight.

How Flair Bartending Differs from Regular Bartending

The main difference between flair bartending and regular bartending is that flair bartenders use tricks to entertain their guests. 

Whereas regular bartenders might focus on making drinks as quickly and efficiently as possible, flair bartenders put more emphasis on the showmanship aspect of the job. 

Flair bartenders must be able to move quickly and gracefully while executing tricks with precision.

Tips for Impressing Your Customers With Flair Bartending

1. Understand the Basics of Flair Bartending 

Familiarize yourself with the basics of flair bartending, such as pour techniques, managing ice, and knowing where to put garnishes. 

Understanding the basics can help you to build on the skill and keep learning new tips and tricks. Starting with the right foundation ensures you have the right tools to turn flair bartending into a great business. 

2. Practice at Home

To get comfortable with your skills before you head to the bar, practice at home using a shaker and some basic drinks. 

It may be helpful to watch tutorials online and practice along with them. 

If you don’t have the utensils to practice at some, consider purchasing a cheap kit online or practicing during breaks and slow periods at work. 

3. Know Your Products

It’s important to know what products are available in your bar and how they can be used for flair bartending. 

Being able to create drinks with a wow factor requires knowledge of the ingredients. Whether it’s knowing the right steps for a drink or answering a customer’s question, knowledge can only help. 

4. Learn Basic Flair Moves

Start off by learning some basic moves such as shaking, pouring and twirling. 

Practice each move until you’re comfortable with it. This is another time that watching videos online to get inspiration can help. 

5. Get Creative

Once you’ve mastered the basics, get creative with your flair moves by adding in bottle flips and other more complex techniques. 

Once that solid foundation is established in the earlier days, more advanced moves will only get easier! 

6. Seek Feedback

Ask experienced flair bartenders or other professionals in the industry for advice and constructive criticism to help improve your skills. 

Whether it’s your coworkers or during a flair bartending class, seeking out good, constructive feedback is essential. 

7. Network

Develop relationships with other experienced flair bartenders so that you can exchange ideas and share techniques. 

Not only can this be a fun way to make new friends, but you’ll harvest your skills and be in the know on all new things in the world of flair bartending! 

8. Show Off Your Skills

Once you feel confident in your ability, show off your skills at local competitions or among friends and loved ones to get some extra practice in – just make sure to use similar supplies you intend to use professionally. 

The last thing you want to do is become comfortable with tools you will never see again. 

9. Develop a Signature Move or Trick 

Many bartenders have a signature move or trick they’ll do while making their drinks. 

After you’ve advanced enough to feel comfortable with the basics, it’s a fun next step to try and advance those skills. 

10. Stay Up to Date

Keep up with the latest trends in the bar industry by attending workshops, conventions, and seminars. 

As guidelines and best practices advance, you’ll want to make sure your flair bartending does. 

11. Study Other Flair Bartenders

Watching other flair bartenders is a great way to pick up new techniques and tricks. Take some time to observe the moves and maneuvers of experienced flair bartenders. 

Note their technique, timing, and speed in order to understand what makes them successful. You can also ask for tips and advice. 


Flair bartending is an art form that requires skill, technique and creativity. With practice, patience, and dedication, you can master the basics and develop your own signature moves to wow customers. 

Utilizing resources such as tutorials online or networking with experienced flair bartenders will help take your skills to the next level. 

So don’t be afraid to get creative – have fun and show off what you’ve learned!