Linda Lovelace Cause Of Death Who Is Linda Lovelace?

Linda Lovelace, a prominent figure from the 1970s’ adult film industry, best known for the controversial film ‘Deep Throat’, has tragically passed away after a car accident in Denver, Colorado.

Who was Linda Lovelace?

Born Linda Boreman in the Bronx, Lovelace was the daughter of a traffic policeman. She entered the limelight in 1972 with the release of ‘Deep Throat’, a film that grossed over £500 million and was instrumental in mainstreaming the adult entertainment industry. The film, while banned in several countries, made her an instant celebrity, opening doors to Broadway premieres and Manhattan’s elite social circles.

How did ‘Deep Throat’ change the film industry?

‘Deep Throat’ was a landmark. Released in 1972, the film brought the adult entertainment industry out from the underground. Cinemas openly showcased it, shattering previous taboos and setting precedents for the future. This was not just a movie; it was a cultural phenomenon that, for better or worse, reshaped perceptions about adult entertainment.

What was Linda’s life after ‘Deep Throat’?

Despite her early success, life wasn’t kind to Lovelace post ‘Deep Throat’. She alleged that her first husband, Chuck Traynor, drugged and forced her to perform, even holding her at gunpoint. Subsequent attempts to enter mainstream cinema failed, and by the 1980s, she was dependent on welfare. However, her autobiography ‘Ordeal’ in 1980 provided a candid look into her life, especially her tumultuous relationship with Traynor.

How did Lovelace become an advocate against pornography?

The mid-1970s witnessed Lovelace’s transformation from an adult film star to an outspoken critic of the industry. Joining hands with leading feminists, she traveled across the U.S., giving speeches about the adverse effects of pornography. Her testimonies before government and church commissions further solidified her position as an advocate for those exploited in the industry.

What challenges did Linda face in her later life?

While the ’90s saw a resurgence in the popularity of ‘Deep Throat’ due to the advent of video, Lovelace’s health began to deteriorate. In 1987, doctors informed her of the possibility of a double mastectomy due to lumps caused by silicon implants. She also contracted hepatitis from a blood transfusion, leading to escalating medical bills that exceeded £100,000. Generous neighbors and friends rallied to raise funds for her treatments.

How will Linda Lovelace be remembered?

Lovelace’s legacy is a complex tapestry. While ‘Deep Throat’ made her an icon, her subsequent advocacy against the exploitation in the adult film industry showcased her resilience and determination. Her ex-husband Larry Marchiano’s statement beautifully sums it up: “Everyone might know her as something else, but we knew her as mom and Linda.” She might be gone, but her impact on the industry and her fight for the exploited will remain unforgettable.

Did you know? A little trivia

The name ‘Deep Throat’ wasn’t just associated with the film. It was also the codename used for the undercover source during the Watergate scandal, who assisted reporters Woodward and Bernstein in their groundbreaking investigative journalism.