Is Open Carrier Car Shipping a Good Option?

The American Journal of Transportation observes that 9 out of every 10 persons needing auto shipping services opt for an open-air carrier. Considering that enclosed car shipping is equally an option, the question is why so many people make this choice.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the reasons for this. It is the cheapest car shipping option for those who want to save as much while transporting their vehicle. But does this make it the best option?

Answers to this question will be provided in this article by discussing the pros and cons of this car shipping option. This information will also help you make informed decisions when the need to have your vehicle shipped arises.

Pros of Open Carrier Auto Shipping

This vehicle transportation option has several advantages. Some of them include the following:

Many Vehicles Can be Transported

Some clients need several vehicles shipped all at once. This option is their best bet as it can transport so many vehicles all at once. You can imagine that there are trailers designed to carry as many as 12 – 15 vehicles.

For example, this means that a client who needs 8 cars moved at once stands a chance with this option. The same cannot be said about the enclosed option that transports very few amounts of vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

Its open-air features mean it is fuel efficient. Besides the fact that it can transport loads of vehicles, this is one of the reasons it is cheaper than the enclosed option.

Huge Patronage

Many people opt for this vehicle shipping option. As a result, the chances of having to wait because more vehicles are needed before shipping can commerce are very slim. You may not even have to book well ahead of time. This is especially if you are dealing with a service provider that has a huge following. The same cannot be said about the enclosed option even though it carries fewer vehicles.

More Types of Carriers

There is not just one but several types of open carriers for shipping cars. There is the single-level, two levels, and single-level dual truck. All of them are best suited for various kinds of clients in need of auto shipping services.

For instance, the single-level option which is a multi-car carrier is perfect for making long-distance expedited deliveries. It also offers more security which comes in very handy when moving expensive and luxury vehicles.

Insurance Coverage

You get insurance coverage when you ship using an open-air carrier. This is provided you engage the services of a reputable company for this purpose. So, you have very little or nothing to worry about if things do not go as planned. However, it is very rare that things do not go as planned.

Easy Inspection

It is a lot easier for the driver and/or other traveling staff to inspect the state of the shipped vehicles. This can be easily done by taking a good look through the side mirror. Inspection is equally easy when stops are made. This is not how it is with the enclosed option because of its enclosed feature.

These are just some of the benefits as there are others. For more information about the benefits of open carrier auto shipping, you can visit:

Cons of Open Carrier Auto Shipping

Open carrier auto shipping has some cons just as it has its advantages. Some of its downsides include the following:

Exposure to Nature

The fact that it is open means that it is exposed to nature. As a result, it is at the mercy of natural elements. Shipped vehicles can arrive in bad shape because of snow, rain, hail, or sleet. Any of the glasses and other external parts of the vehicle can also be hit by debris while being transported.

On the whole, it is possible to get your vehicle looking unkempt when it is delivered to you. You would not have this problem with the enclosed option. This is because of its enclosed feature.

Lesser Insurance

Of course, vehicles transported are insured. However, the level of insurance is not as much as it is with enclosed auto shipping. For instance, road hazards will not be covered by insurance.

It is Conspicuous En Route

This does not sound like a good idea if you do not like shipping your vehicle conspicuously. This is usually a concern, particularly for people who ship luxury and expensive vehicles. You can read this post to find out more disadvantages of having your car shipped with an open car carrier.


There is a reason most people ship their vehicles using the open-air carrier method. Some of the reasons have been discussed in this article. Having gone over the pros and cons of having your vehicle shipped with the open-air carrier method, make sure you make the right choice when the need arises.