How to Have Better Feeling in Your Sex Life

Sexual pleasure is an intricate journey and should never be reduced to simply “it feels good or it doesn’t.” Your experience during sex depends on various external influences besides physical touch; for instance, whether that involves connection between sensations experienced during sex and those from masturbating than from having partners present (which sometimes can happen), there are numerous strategies you can employ in order to enhance it further. If this has ever happened to you before – no worries as there are ways of improving this aspect of your experience too!

Digging Deeper

Sensual pleasure isn’t solely about having the right technique or the perfect sex toys. It’s a multifaceted interplay of various elements that contribute to your overall experience. Your mental state, your connection with your partner, the environment you’re in, and more, all have a significant impact on what you feel during sex.

Mental State Matters

Your mental and emotional state has an enormous effect on the depth of sexual pleasure. Stress, anxiety, depression or other forms of mental illness may keep you stuck inside of yourself – hindering the experience of physical sensations within the body and diminishing pleasure received from sexual relationships. When this is happening it can drastically limit how much pleasure can come from life itself and sexual relationships in particular.

The Partner Connection

Your relationship with your sexual partner – be it short or long term – plays an essential part of the sensory experience. If there are unresolved conflicts between partners or if comfort levels don’t match expectations, being present during sexual encounters could prove challenging. New partners often require time to form the necessary connection in order to experience all that pleasure is available from you; those with vulvas often struggle achieving orgasm after meeting someone new; don’t get frustrated about not reaching orgasm right away with someone new – instead recalibrace your mindset before getting ready for sexual encounters again later! You can also buy some sex toys on our website to enhance your sexual experience.

The Impact of Your Environment

couple hug in each other

The physical setting in which you engage in sexual activities can subconsciously affect your level of pleasure. Feelings of inadequacy caused by other people listening in can prevent us from truly enjoying each experience we encounter, so creating an environment which promotes full presence allows for full savoring.

Additional health conditions like Vulvodynia, Endometriosis or Menopause may impede sexual pleasure; it’s wise to consult your healthcare provider if experiencing pain during sexual encounters.

The Path to Enhanced Sensation

If physical or mental health concerns are interfering with your ability to fully enjoy sexual intimacy, addressing them should be your top priority. Consulting a healthcare provider or specialist for advice when managing reproductive health concerns should always be considered a best practice.

Specialists like sexological bodyworkers employ somatic techniques such as breathwork and therapeutic touch to help individuals overcome sexual obstacles. Sex therapists work with people to uncover the root causes of their sexual issues and provide guidance on how to achieve a more fulfilling sex life. Whether you choose to see a professional alone or with your partner, it’s a step toward resolving the blocks to pleasure.

Outside of professional assistance, managing stress levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also contribute to enhanced sexual satisfaction. Practices like breathwork, yoga, and meditation help in stress management, promoting an overall sense of well-being that can lead to more gratifying sexual experiences.

DIY Approaches

If seeking professional help isn’t the right path for you, there are several strategies to enhance your ability to feel more during sex:

1. Slow Down: 

Rushing into sex can overwhelm your body and mind. Take the time to engage in intimate activities like cuddling, kissing, and intimate conversations to build arousal slowly.

2. Increase Your Connection: 

The depth of your connection with your partner significantly impacts your ability to experience pleasure. Open and honest communication about your desires, both inside and outside of the bedroom, can foster a stronger emotional bond.

3. Explore Toys and Techniques: 

Incorporating sex toys can bridge the gap between what you desire and what you experience. These additions can be a valuable aid in enhancing your sexual pleasure. Don’t hesitate to explore and discover what works best for you and your partner.

4. Solo Exploration: 

Masturbation can provide a platform to explore your sensations in a more controlled environment. Experiment with various techniques and toys on your own, then bring your newfound knowledge into your partnered experiences.


In conclusion, the path to deeper sexual sensations can be complex and multifaceted. Understanding the factors that may be limiting your pleasure and seeking professional guidance when necessary are essential steps. By taking care to address physical and mental health concerns and implement various strategies, you can unlock greater pleasure and satisfaction from sexual experiences. Remember: you deserve everything life offers in terms of pleasure and sensation! Embrace it with open arms.