Crafting a Stunning Chevron Bathroom: Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration

Chevron designs are classic and elegant, and they can make any bathroom look better. This piece talks about the subtleties of chevron patterns, shows some beautiful tile ideas, and gives advice on how to use chevron patterns in different parts of a bathroom without making them look out of place – from floors to walls and accessories. Read on to learn how to craft a stunning chevron bathroom that blends classic style with contemporary flair.

Demystifying Chevron: Herringbone vs Chevron Patterns

Before you start looking at chevron bathroom designs, you should know the difference between chevron and herringbone patterns of the past.

  • When you lay herringbone, you put down rectangular tiles or wood strips in a zigzag pattern, so the short ends of each one meet the long ends of the next ones. This gives the outfit a unique lopsided look.

  • In Chevron, too, tiles are curved to make a zigzag shape. This time, though, the pieces fit together perfectly to make a smooth, symmetrical inverted V-shape along the middle line.

  • While both add striking visual appeal, the patterns have markedly different vibes – herringbone feels more organic and free-flowing while chevron appears more geometric and precision-aligned.

By knowing these basic differences, you can choose the right look for your bathroom based on the mood you want to create.

Captivating Chevron and Herringbone Tile Ideas

One of the best ways to add chevron and herringbone patterns to the bathroom is with tile. Check out these interesting ideas:

Wooden Shower Tiles with Chevron Pattern

Chevron tiles made of wood are naturally warm and add a natural pattern that looks great on shower walls. If you compare it to normal wood, the design makes it look more interesting, and the material makes it feel earthy.

White Herringbone Bathroom Wall Tiles

It looks clean and nice because the walls and shower nook are covered in crisp white herringbone tile. The unevenly spaced patterns and clear grout lines make the white background look a little more interesting.

Colorful Chevron Tiles

Shiny tiles in bright green, gold, and blue give chevron a glam look. The pattern stays unique, and the jewel tones and shine make it look even more dramatic and expensive.

When you mix finishes like matte and shiny or colors that go well together, you can make beautiful combinations.

Incorporating Chevron Motifs Across Bathroom Elements

Source: HomeAdvisor

Beyond just floor and wall tiles, chevron and herringbone motifs can be integrated throughout the bathroom for a cohesive look:

Patterns for Chevron Bathroom Floors

A lot of people still love chevron and herringbone tiles for bathroom floors. It’s fun to mix and match borders and accent tiles with both designs. When you line up the chevron point or crisscross with the tub, sink, and doors, the flow will be smooth.

Herringbone Backsplash Pattern

Do a bold backsplash by putting herringbone tiles around the mirror or vanity niche. Different colored grout lines make things stand out. Add a bright accent tile here and there in the design to make it stand out.

You can use chevron and herringbone patterns in creative ways all over the bathroom, not just on the tiles. For example, you could use them on wallpaper, shelves, rugs, or handmade woodwork. Keep the peace by using the same colors and styles.

Modern Interpretations of Classic Chevron

While chevron and zigzag motifs are age-old, modern interpretations reveal the versatility of these patterns:

Mixing Materials Like Marble and Concrete

Patterns get a more sophisticated look when they are made of high-end materials, like how concrete and marble look great together. Having different shades of gray and white gives it depth.

Chevron-Patterned Bathroom Wallpaper

For a temporary style change, choose removable wallpapers with black and white zigzag or bold graphic chevron prints. Modern digital printing allows incorporating patterns perfectly sized for powder rooms.

Ombre-Colored Chevron Tiles

For a more modern look, try ombre chevron tiles in shades like light to dark blue or one-color patterns with a mix of matte and glossy finishes. Patterns stay new when you mix real stone, clay, and porcelain.


What’s the difference between chevron and herringbone patterns?

There are two types of zigzag patterns made from rectangular tiles or wood strips. The first is called herringbone and is unevenly spaced out, while the second is called chevron and is made up of straight lines that look like Vs.

What color should I pick for my chevron bathroom tiles?

To get a classic, classy look, use neutral colors like white, gray, and brown. Black, white, and bright jewel tones make strong statements. You can get a modern look with ombre designs and finishes that go from shiny to matte. Pick colors that go with the style of the bathroom as a whole.

Can I change the patterns on the tiles in my bathroom?

Sure thing! Putting together herringbone, chevron, and other patterns, like Moroccan fish scales, makes the pattern look more interesting. It’s enough to make sure that all the patterns go well together in terms of color, material, or finish. A lot of different designs can make something feel disconnected.

Are chevron patterns suitable for small bathrooms?

You can use chevron patterns in small bathrooms, but you need to make sure you pick the right size and color scheme. Choose zigzag patterns that are smaller and less obvious so they don’t take over the room. Lighter colors and materials that reflect light can also make a room look bigger. Chevron can look even better in a small bathroom if it has the right lighting and simple fixtures.

For a chevron bathroom design, what kinds of materials can be used?

Ceramic or porcelain tiles, hardwood, laminate, and even plastic can all be used to make chevron designs. The material you choose will depend on your price, the look you want, and how easy you want to keep it clean.

Designing Your Dream Chevron Bathroom: Final Tips

  • Use wall-to-wall floor patterns to make chevron the star versus confined accent applications.

  • Soften chevron’s graphic edge by pairing with natural materials like wood, stone and plants.

  • Illuminate tile patterns with proper lighting like wall sconces flanking the mirror and vanity.

  • Establish a color flow with chevron tiles in one hue and plumbing, fixtures, and linens in coordinating shades.

  • Maintain harmony across patterns if mixing chevron, herringbone and other motifs.

When you mix traditional chevron patterns with new colors and materials, you can make a bathroom that looks new but will never go out of style. Follow this well-known zigzag pattern to a glamorously unique place!

Transform Your Bathroom With Striking Chevron Tiles

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