5 Pergola Kits That Are Conquering People’s Hearts in 2024

Pergolas have been around for well over 3,000 years at this point. In fact, the earliest known version dates back to 1400 B.C., and it was built for a high court official in Egypt. Since that time, these structures have evolved. They’ve branched out into countless sizes, styles, and layouts, and they can be made of numerous materials. Still, their purpose has always remained the same: to provide shade and privacy while elevating people’s outdoor spaces. 

If you’re looking for an affordable custom pergola, you have plenty to choose from. No matter what you want to get out of an outdoor addition like this, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. In fact, many people find today’s selection overwhelming considering all the options on the market. With that being the case, take a look at some of the most popular types of kits for this year to help make the decision-making process a little simpler. 

1) Simple Yet Functional

Some people are looking for simple pergola designs that will give their outdoor spaces a little more functionality. Those kits are usually the least expensive because they don’t have a lot of extra features added to them. That makes them easier to build as well. You can get a great deal of versatility out of even a small, simple pergola. It’ll give you a nice, comfortable little spot to enjoy time outdoors. Though you can add decorative and functional features to it, minimalism is generally the key to success when you have a smaller space to work with.

2) Expansive Pergolas

Other homeowners are going bigger with their pergolas. They’re choosing expansive models that cover their entire decks or extend from their homes to other outdoor features. As you might imagine, larger pergolas are more expensive because they require more materials. If you have one professionally installed, it’ll require more labor as well. That being said, if you have extra space and the budget for it, a larger pergola could give you much more versatility and functionality. You could even divide it into different zones for an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, and a lounging space with a fire pit. 

3) Pergolas With Retractable Awnings 

Traditionally, pergolas have fixed rafters that provide varying amounts of shade depending on where they’re located versus where the sun is at any given time. When the sun is directly overhead, it may shine more light on a pergola than some people can take. Those with retractable awnings solve that problem. You can cover them when needed and uncover them when you want. 

4) Roofs With Adjustable Louvers

Pergola kits that have roofs with adjustable louvers are also popular for this year. They eliminate the need for a retractable awning, and you can adjust them based on how much shade you want. Those louvers generally last longer than the materials awnings are made of. They can protect against rain as well. If you feel that a fabric awning detracts from the traditional look of a pergola, one with adjustable louvers may be the best choice for you. 

5) Going High Tech

You’ll even find custom pergolas on the market with high-tech features. Some come with remote controls whereas others have integrated smart technology. Both can give you control over any added features your pergola has. Those include retractable awnings, shades, privacy screens, lighting, sound systems, and much more. Regardless of how small and simple or large and elaborate your pergola is, having remote or smart controls can make it more convenient. 

Finding the Right Pergola for Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Numerous pergola kits are on the market right now. They come in an array of styles and price ranges. Whether you want a small, simple model or an expansive one with a variety of built-in features, you’ll find one that fits in with your budget and lifestyle. Consider the types of kits mentioned here to help you find one that meets your needs and expectations.