4 Ways to Create a Relaxing Vibe in Your Sunroom This Fall

The sunroom is an amazing space that can help you make your home look better and feel more functional. This is especially the case if it’s in a good state, something you can do with a few well-placed renovations. Here are four ways in which you can create a relaxing vibe in your sunroom this fall and create a space that you and your family just can’t get enough of.

1. Maximize Natural Lighting

To begin with, consider making sure that your sunroom fits its name perfectly by maximizing the natural lighting in the space, which is its main feature anyway. To do this, don’t use heavy curtains and large blocks of furniture in the space. Additionally, you could add skylights alongside adding large windows to ensure that the space not only gets lots of sunlight but also offers gorgeous views of the landscape and sky.

If you’d like to secure privacy in the space without impacting the amount of natural lighting that gets into the space, you could use stained-glass windows or frosted glass. This way, you’ll still get as much natural light as you’d like without exposing the interior of your home. You could also pick vinyl-glazed window enclosures, of which vertical four-track panels provide 75% ventilation of your enclosed sunroom, deck, or porch. This way, you’ll have both ample natural lighting and fresh air in the space at all times.

2. Select Window Treatments Carefully

As mentioned, it’s best to avoid heavy drapes and curtains in the sunroom. In addition to blocking out some natural lighting, these will make the space feel heavy and clogged. Instead, go for light, airy sheers or blinds. These should also be easy to open and close so that you have maximum control over the light you allow into the space. You can also look into options like horizontal slider panels, which offer between 50% and 100% ventilation.

3. Use a Neutral Color for the Space

Use color as well to maximize the light and delicate feel of your sunroom. You can pick a soft, pastel shade for the walls to mimic nature and bring about a feeling of peace and tranquility in the space. Use light-colored flooring options like bright tiles or light wood so that the space is bright all through. Follow the same color scheme for furniture and everything else that you’ll use in the space, but remember that you can introduce a pop of color if you like by using decorative accents like bright pillows or throws. To help you with picking the right paint color, remember that you should begin by picking three colors from the objects that exist in your home, according to This Old House.

4. Pick Light, Comfortable Furniture

Finally, remember to pick the right furniture for the space to complete the look. It should obviously be light and airy to match the other details of the space. It should also be delicate and not clunky so that it doesn’t occupy too much space in the room. Note that 55% of sunrooms are medium-sized, according to Home Stratosphere.

Don’t add too many pieces or overly large furniture either, since you should consider the flow in the space and not block paths in it. Don’t sacrifice comfort, however, because the sunroom’s main use is to relax and unwind after all. If your sunroom is large enough, you could create different seating areas within it to cater to various activities, such as reading, relaxing, and even socializing.

In these four ways, you can create a relaxing vibe in your sunroom this fall and create a space that you’re going to enjoy spending time in at varying times of the day. It can help you enjoy each season to the fullest since you can stay warm indoors but still enjoy views of the outdoors when it gets too cold out. Decide on the theme that you’d like in your sunroom so that it’s easier to work towards achieving it.